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Big Mama is to open many transitional houses for men, women, and children that want a change and need a second chance at life. She look at Tyler Perry and say if he can come from homeless to a Multimillionaire, I know my work is not in vain. Over the many years over 30 men and women have come off the street and changed their life and have a new start just by someone loving on them and feeding them a hot meal, making them feel like someone even though they have falling on hard times and someone still care. Sometime people think I am homeless because I sit, talk and interact with time not by my words, but my actions of being authentic and loving them.

a Child

Supporting at risk children with the love and services they deserve is one of the greatest gifts of kindness you can share.
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Big Mama Outreach Ministries, Inc.
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Address: PO Box 372634, Decatur, GA 30037
Phone: 404-93106297 and 770-866-1334

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